The 20th and 21st of September NAIMA’s partners join in a face-to-face meeting in Amiens. In this meeting, they presented the results of the project, the milestones reached and visited the installations of TIAMAT, coordinator of the project and one of the partners involved in the creation of NAIMA’s prototyping batteries. NAIMA’s focused on Na-Ion materials as essential components to manufacture robust battery cells for non-automotive applications.

The meeting marks the success in upscaling the active anode and cathode materials with the success in developing high power density and high energy density Na-ion cells.

Even though the project its almost over, this was the first face to face meeting since the project began due to the covid pandemic. The results shared during the meeting showcased that NAIMA project is on the path to demonstrate that a new generation of high-competitive and safety Na-Ion cells is one of the most robust and cost-effective alternatives to Li-based batteries and that a new generation of Sodium-ion based batteries to unseat the current Li-based technologies is also a possibility for Europe, even with the difficulties encountered to the COVID pandemic.

The partners are doing their last effort before NAIMA’s closure to reach every milestone and before putting the finishing touches on discoveries that aim to change the battery ecosystem through a unique innovation.

All the pictures of the Consortium Meeting in the Gallery